Dont panic…its university time

The dawn of the freshers have officially arrived, And a lot of people have pissed off or are currently pissing off to university as we speak . It can be a pretty shit scary time and no matter how many people tell you that you should be super excited.. that advice isn’t really that helpful when you feel like you’ve got a million and one things to do to mentally and physically to ┬áprepare yourself. Its all going to fall into place though, even though it may not feel like it right this minute, there are loads of people in the same situation as you so you are definitely not alone…university years are actually meant to be the best years of your life! So try to focus on all of the positive exciting upcoming things instead of worrying about all the things that may or may not happen. Cross that bridge when you come to it.

hopefully this isn’t as patronising as I think it might be.