so they’ve brought out different women barbie dolls, but what about the men ?

I know this person that is covertly intelligent and wise, but he hides it under an exterior of humour and laddish behaviour, and this is fucking brilliant but incredibly sad and representative of how much pressure society places on men  .

I think that he is a representation of all boys really, they want to come out with all of this deep stuff but refrain for fear of looking weak, and its a shame that this male culture exists where guys cannot feel like they can be emotionally in touch with their feelings or in other words “moist” because of what that would reflect on them after . It is universally known that society has this view that women are constantly oppressed and a lot of pressure is put on them to behave and even be a certain way bla bla bla. ” Women believe that all the pressure from society is on them, but it is also on males”

Men have the same pressures that women face, but it is just in a different form, they are pressured to be masculine, manly, and are told to “be a man” and “grow some balls” which in itself is pretty damaging considering the shit that they have to deal with, especially in adolescence. It is a shame that they cannot feel that they can express themselves in a safe way without fear of being labelled as a “girl” which actually I believe is a massive compliment because girls bleed out of their vagina every month and are capable of reproduction, which if you think about it, takes a lot.

It seems that because of media influence and peer pressure they also feel that they have to look a certain way, gaining muscle, having a six pack, and pecs etc and down to this reason Body dysmorphia and distorted self perception arises. But listen up lads, you are all brilliant the way you are, it is your imperfections and ability to express how you feel that makes you fantastic.

Of course there is the other argument that suggests that guys want to go to the gym constantly, and groom themselves to perfection just for the benefit of themselves which is the way it should be, but seriously don’t ever feel intimidated or inferior to something that you perceive to be a “better image” because its bullshit and you are fine just the way you are.


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