you should go and love yourself

No, really you should. And Im  probably the biggest hipocrite of them all because this is one of those concepts that I really struggle with. Sometimes I find myself sinking into self worthlessness patterns where I don’t believe that I’m good enough for that dinner brought for me, or even worthy enough for that glass of wine kindly purchased. But you are so worth that and a million times more.

This is for all of the girls that struggle to love what they see in the mirror, you’re definitely not alone, sometimes I find it difficult to look past the love handles and stretch marks on my body and I forget that the inside is what matters most.

Someone could be so aesthetically pleasing to the eye but have such a sour personality, and this is the most important thing, you give off what you exert. If you exert kindness, you will automatically exert beauty. If you show ugliness on the inside, this is what the world will see.

so yeah basically listen to Justin Bieber when he tells you to go and love yourself.



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