19 going on 40?

Knowing quite a few people in their early 20s, it strikes me that nobody really knows what the fuck they are doing with their lives, which actually is pretty comforting considering we are now all in this deflating life raft together.

But we won’t drown… our parents didn’t drown, nor did our grandparents and so forth. Sure we may be faced with another four or so years of a shit government, and minimum wage will rise 0.001 Percent every two years, student loans spell out impending doom and house prices are there to show us at every opportunity how crappy this capitalist society really is for someone struggling to make ends meet. But in the words of good old Barack Obama, YES WE CAN.

We will survive. In 20 years or so, most of us (hopefully) will have a decently paid job, a home, maybe even a few kids and perhaps a spouse. Its not over for us, although at this second it feels like the occasional pint or a casual one night stand may be all we have right now, it will not be that way forever. Life doesn’t even last forever.

The point is guys, and Lord strike me down for ever attempting to quote a boyband, but seriously “Live while were young” even if that means taking pleasure from the taste of cheap beer, or an extortionately priced Chinese takeaway, try not to worry about what you’re not accomplishing now and try and be happy about all the things you are, better things will be coming your way.




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