so they’ve brought out different women barbie dolls, but what about the men ?

I know this person that is covertly intelligent and wise, but he hides it under an exterior of humour and laddish behaviour, and this is fucking brilliant but incredibly sad and representative of how much pressure society places on men  .

I think that he is a representation of all boys really, they want to come out with all of this deep stuff but refrain for fear of looking weak, and its a shame that this male culture exists where guys cannot feel like they can be emotionally in touch with their feelings or in other words “moist” because of what that would reflect on them after . It is universally known that society has this view that women are constantly oppressed and a lot of pressure is put on them to behave and even be a certain way bla bla bla. ” Women believe that all the pressure from society is on them, but it is also on males”

Men have the same pressures that women face, but it is just in a different form, they are pressured to be masculine, manly, and are told to “be a man” and “grow some balls” which in itself is pretty damaging considering the shit that they have to deal with, especially in adolescence. It is a shame that they cannot feel that they can express themselves in a safe way without fear of being labelled as a “girl” which actually I believe is a massive compliment because girls bleed out of their vagina every month and are capable of reproduction, which if you think about it, takes a lot.

It seems that because of media influence and peer pressure they also feel that they have to look a certain way, gaining muscle, having a six pack, and pecs etc and down to this reason Body dysmorphia and distorted self perception arises. But listen up lads, you are all brilliant the way you are, it is your imperfections and ability to express how you feel that makes you fantastic.

Of course there is the other argument that suggests that guys want to go to the gym constantly, and groom themselves to perfection just for the benefit of themselves which is the way it should be, but seriously don’t ever feel intimidated or inferior to something that you perceive to be a “better image” because its bullshit and you are fine just the way you are.


you should go and love yourself

No, really you should. And Im  probably the biggest hipocrite of them all because this is one of those concepts that I really struggle with. Sometimes I find myself sinking into self worthlessness patterns where I don’t believe that I’m good enough for that dinner brought for me, or even worthy enough for that glass of wine kindly purchased. But you are so worth that and a million times more.

This is for all of the girls that struggle to love what they see in the mirror, you’re definitely not alone, sometimes I find it difficult to look past the love handles and stretch marks on my body and I forget that the inside is what matters most.

Someone could be so aesthetically pleasing to the eye but have such a sour personality, and this is the most important thing, you give off what you exert. If you exert kindness, you will automatically exert beauty. If you show ugliness on the inside, this is what the world will see.

so yeah basically listen to Justin Bieber when he tells you to go and love yourself.


19 going on 40?

Knowing quite a few people in their early 20s, it strikes me that nobody really knows what the fuck they are doing with their lives, which actually is pretty comforting considering we are now all in this deflating life raft together.

But we won’t drown… our parents didn’t drown, nor did our grandparents and so forth. Sure we may be faced with another four or so years of a shit government, and minimum wage will rise 0.001 Percent every two years, student loans spell out impending doom and house prices are there to show us at every opportunity how crappy this capitalist society really is for someone struggling to make ends meet. But in the words of good old Barack Obama, YES WE CAN.

We will survive. In 20 years or so, most of us (hopefully) will have a decently paid job, a home, maybe even a few kids and perhaps a spouse. Its not over for us, although at this second it feels like the occasional pint or a casual one night stand may be all we have right now, it will not be that way forever. Life doesn’t even last forever.

The point is guys, and Lord strike me down for ever attempting to quote a boyband, but seriously “Live while were young” even if that means taking pleasure from the taste of cheap beer, or an extortionately priced Chinese takeaway, try not to worry about what you’re not accomplishing now and try and be happy about all the things you are, better things will be coming your way.



Slut, Slag, Frigid, Loose, Tease, Bitch, Feminazi,Loud.

Growing up, I have constantly been told to cherish my body, treat it like a sacred temple. For my mum this translates into “eating healthy”. Ha. As if Im going to start eating avocado and kale on a daily basis. how stressful.

But it also translates into something else. The idea that I have to conform to society’s idea of a “good girl”. The idea that I as a female am meant to be “non slutty” and “chaste”  because of course if not that equals trash right?

Wrong, Im sick of hearing things like “you don’t want to get a label for yourself” or “don’t sleep around” because of what society and my future husband will apparently think of me. The fact is, it is my body, and how dare you even attempt to try and tell me what I can do with the very vessel I carry around every day.

How dare you try and make me feel bad for expressing myself and choosing a path that you have not chosen. It is ridiculous that I should have to constantly question whether or not what I’m doing in the eyes of others is right or wrong.

Just because I am female it does not give you a right to dictate a certain way I should be behaving. Apparently women are considered sluts for sleeping around, disgusting for not shaving, and a bitch for having an opinion.  But then when a guy behaves in the same manner, he is praised and slapped on the back.

At the same time, looking at women like they are no more than a piece of meat is also disturbingly shit. I am not “frigid” or a “tease” because I don’t want to get off with you. Nor am I “loose” or a “slag” for getting off with you, My body is so much more than you make of it. It carries the scars of my growth. The battle wounds of my past. But most importantly it carries Me. `And you have absolutely no right whatsoever to past judgement on what I do with it.

Some inspiration from a good friend  blog

Waiting for Universities to answer my mating call

No seriously, sending my UCAS application off has been like asking the hot guy for his number on Facebook and waiting for a reply..which I have obviously never done because Im literally the biggest coward.

Im ready to be in a committed relationship with one of these establishments. Please stop playing hard to get with me guys. I promise I will work hard and be a good addition to your open partnership, Warwick is that you pal?

Checking my emails every five minutes has become my new hobby, does anyone else in this situation feel like adding “expert email checker” to their list of accomplishments. I would be a millionaire if I got a pound for every time I entered my gmail account and found nothing but Groupon deals and clothes from from that one time I ordered something I could not afford.

I feel like I’ve become a bit of a stalker really. Ive already attempted to join  every fresher group for the universities I’ve applied for. As if that will somehow give me extra leverage. Like ” I will be partying with you for a whole two weeks so please  notice my dedication”.

Just please please please let me get what I want this time in the words of slow moving millie.

I want us both to be open to new experiences, so please universities, open your arms for me.