Stop being so awkward and..oh thanks for apologising

So I recently wrote a blog post about cowardly guys that have trouble with interacting with you after hitting it and quitting it (and giving the stuff back that you left at their house).

Well I would like to say that something of a miracle happened today, my very good buddy finally got the well deserved apology from the scrub that kept her gold hoop earrings.. and her virginity.

it only took a year though. A year for this grown man to finally come to his senses and realises that acting like a 13 year old was not the appropriate way to behave after being granted entrance into a women’s private area.

But even though the earrings were STILL not returned (perhaps he needs them for himself..) she is worth that at least.

Granted he apologised which is more than what most guys these days would have done, is this the start the evolution of the simple male mind?

you decide.